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Some comments from just a few of our many satisfied users..

We get wonderful email from happy users all the time. Once you've used single-step, you may also have the desire to write us and tell us of your success. Please do! There is nothing more satisfying then hearing from someone who reached their goals.

“I just wanted to say that I LOVE your software. This product really works for me. Not only do I enjoy using it, but I actually work on my goals and continue to succeed in things that I have put off for years.


There isn't another software out there that is like it. Keep up the good work..”


  -- Barbara C.

“I teach goal setting to all the athletes I train and students I teach. It’s the first thing I do and one of the most important activities. I’ve reviewed every aspect of the single-step software and strongly recommend it.”


  -- Robert Neff, Ph.D.

Certified Sport Psychology Professional (CSPP)
President, American Association of Applied Sport Psychology
Author of the New Book, “Roadmap to the Zone:
Enhancing Athletic Performance”

"...kind of like having a life coach trapped inside your hard drive. ...helped testers keep their goals top of mind."


 -- SELF Magazine



"In the fitness industry we know that happy, successful clients are the key to our growth...the only way to help a member or client be successful long term is to internally motivate them to change..."


"Every now and then a tool comes along that so perfectly matches a need it has the potential to awaken tens of thousands of people to the success they deserve. single-step is that tool."


   --  Paul Summers

G.M. and Fitness Manager - 1201 Nautilus
Apex Licensee
Fit-pro NASM CP

"You have a really great product! Thanks for showing me there's still good service out there... "


-- Steve S.

Alliance, Nebraska

"I have been training in the field of goal setting for the last 10 years. When it comes to affirmation and visualization, I have been very sceptical all these days. When I started using single-step software I was amazed at the power of actually seeing the images of the desired end point of my goals. What was a drag all these days now has become a joy. "


--Dr. C.Kumarbabu MD PH.D
Consultant Psychiatrist
Former Head, Dept of Psychiatry
Govt.Stanley Medical College Hospital


“Once setup, it's easy to get around - quite intuitive, which is difficult to achieve so, well done on that aspect! ... what a great way to organize goals and get them happening ! "


  -- Sally N.

“I have to tell you this is an awesome product. I have been looking for this type of product for years and this gets 6 stars out of 5."


  -- Andrew B.

"single-step ... is a fantastic tool that lets you build and reassure yourself, when no one else will..."


"...I have been using this software for a few months, and already I can look back and see how far I've gone in such a short period."


-- Jarrad

'Having tried a number of goal setting and monitoring systems in the past, I settled on Single-Step two years ago and havn't looked back. Single-Step is great at getting you to take an overview of your life circumstances, goals and opportunities and programming your goals into your everyday or weekly activity.


The visualisation and afffirmation modules are particularly inspiring when you hit those inevitable dips in confidence on your way to reaching your goal. Single-Step is user friendly; updating your progress takes very little time and the graphs to measure progress remind you of how far you have come and help to keep you on track.'


-- Steve B.