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More than just goals!



Start by analyzing who you really are.
Build on this understanding to set goals that are meaningful to you in your life.
Prioritize your goals based on your new understanding, then set out to achieve them.
Define daily affirmation and visualization exercises to help you overcome mental blocks associated with achieving your goals.
Track your progress as you move towards your goal.
Motivate yourself, as needed, to stick to your goals.
Identify blocks that have kept you from succeeding in the past.
Document feedback and support from friends and colleagues over the course of the goal.
Track changes in yourself as you rack up those successes...




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single-step goal software


You will be amazed at how effective goal-setting can be!

Imagine how good it will feel to reach that goal! A brilliant career, a beautiful home, a shiny new car, a wonderful vacation. Whatever your goal, you'll need to follow the goal-setting process to get there.


The process of goal setting is taught every day in successful companies and sports teams.  We package this same process for you into a single, easy-to-use software application. Once you try our software, you'll agree that there is no better way to track your goals!


As you configure your goal in the software, you will enjoy the quiet opportunity to reflect on your life and dreams as you walk through the setup wizards. You then have the chance to configure daily exercises for each of your goals to increase your ability to succeed.


These exercises are the same processes used by world-class athletes to improve their performance and reach their own goals. Use these principles and you'll be astonished to look back even a few months down the road.


Once you've used single-step you'll never go back to setting goals on paper!

A quick introduction to a single-step goal:

single-step features


Allows you to describe your current life situation.
Helps you to identify the areas you would most like to change.
Provides structure to assist you in defining and setting your goals.
Helps you progress daily towards your goals and track the progress that you are making.
Helps you in graph your progress to show quantifiable gains.
Allows you to set new goals as old ones are achieved.
Helps you motivate yourself, providing daily inspiration as needed to get you past those low moments.
Allows you to attach motivational pictures and images to your goals to stimulate you and inspire you to success.
Provides affirmation and visualization exercises to help overcome sub-conscious hurdles & barriers.
Provides encouragement as you progress along the path by tracking the feedback of your friends, family, and colleagues.
And much, much more!


single-step in use

Thousands of people have used single-step to track their goals since it was released in 2004. With customers in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand, our users span the globe!

We provide online support for our customers via email and our forum and offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Don't waste another minute, get single-step today.


You'll be glad you did!


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