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Are you motivated?

Motivation. Real, long-term, consistent, positive motivation, begins with YOU. 


It's more than what your parents wanted, what your boss wants, what your partner or spouse wants.  It's about who you are and what stimulates and inspires you. 

So how can you motivate yourself?

A big part of the process is getting to know who you really are and noticing what you respond to.  If you know what it is that excites you, you're half-way to getting there!


Once you have this knowledge, you can use it as desired.

Most people never really think about it.

Because you're here, reading this page, you've already moved beyond this point.  You're on the way to a level of self-discovery that most people don't even consider. 

How can I learn to recognize more about myself?

This is where single-step can help you out.  It gives you a way of looking at the various aspects of your life and how they fit together.  It also helps you to look at your goals, your motivation towards reaching the goals, and your priorities to get there.

How does this work?

Part of the process of learning to motivate yourself is learning what kind of information you respond to.  We interact with the world via our senses.  We have many ways of perceiving things.


There are distinct advantages to living in the digital age.  Movies, pictures, and songs are all available readily. The amount of information can be overwhelming! So the software helps you organize it all.


First, you can list all of your dreams and goals. Not just what you're doing today, but everything you've ever wanted to do! Next, it lets you add images that inspire you to each goal. Finally, it helps you to chart your path and track your progress as you move towards your dreams. Motivation can come from many different sources and can affect you in many different ways. 


Why not take a moment to see how single-step can help you discover your own sources of motivation?