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Still tracking goals in Excel?


You may be surprised to learn that many large, technologically sophisticated employers still ask their employees to track their goals in cumbersome spreadsheets. These sheets usually start out quite simple, then slowly grow into something that is tedious and painful to complete. It ends up being a burden for both the employee, management, and HR.


We can help you to break the cycle of tedium and bring employee goals to life. At a cost level that can be handled by most departments, we can offer a complete goal-setting solution that will take the pain out of goal management for your organization.


Let your team enjoy the process of challenging themselves again! We'll prepare a custom package of software and training that will help inspire your employees to new heights of productivity and motivation.

How often do you find time to review progress on annual goals?

You can use single-step to help your employees set their goals. By putting a framework in place, you'll discover that your employees are naturally helped to ask the right questions, challenge their assumptions, and set meaningful goals.


Once their goals are set, you can then track their progress via standard reports. Once a goal is configured, it becomes easy for employees to print their progress for review.


As progress is made, goals can be expanded or modified as needed to support the journey. And if progress is not being made, you'll have a much better idea where things have gone awry.





Can you afford to wait for yet another cycle of ERP integration?


This is not about integrating a corporate-wide policy into an enterprise-wide IT platform to ensure that all goals are set using exactly the same process.


It is about helping your employees get started on their goals. It is about keeping them motivated to move forward. It is about completing one goal and moving on to the next. You'll have the flexibility to work with each and every employee as appropriate for their job, their situation, their goals.


With single-step, your employees can get started setting their goals today. Why not give us a call to see how we can help your organization?

Corporate Licenses

We offer competitive rates on both named and enterprise licenses. Contact us today to find out about solutions to fit your budget.


Depending on your available time, resources, and company culture, you may want additional training to help your employees get started setting their goals. We're here to help. With options like webinars, on-site seminars and classes, and instructor-led training, we can tailor-fit a solution to match your needs.


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